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Happy Healthy Hormones with Dr. Chris

Nov 9, 2019

Brain fog, exhaustion, gut problems, unexplained hormone imbalances?!?! Then list up! In this episode, Dr. Chris discusses some of the underlying symptoms of candida and 3 of the best ways to fix it! Candida can be an underlying issue that is becoming a growing threat to our culture with some SERIOUS consequences!

This is the show where disease takes a dive and people come to thrive! Dr. Chris has been helping people transform their health for over a decade. He is a world-renowned health expert who specializes in holistic health.  He is a professional speaker, chiropractor, functional medicine specialist, and international best-selling author.  It’s his mission to help you, reach your full God-given potential through holistic health, and healing. For other free resources mentioned today go to:

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